Technical Rider and STAGE PLAN

The venue should provide

  • sound engineer - required for the sound check and the show 
  • power requirements: calculated based on 10 kWt per 1,000 listeners 
  • sound desk with minimum 12 channels enabling sound effects for voice and instruments 
  • monitor requirements – 4 wedges as per stage plan 
  • 7 voice microphones with stands, including 4 radio ones at minimum 
  • 1 microphone on stand for balalaika 
  • guitar input (DI - BOX) 
  • bayan input (own radio microphones will be used) 
  • one professional CD player 
  • wide rack for acoustic guitar on stage

Lighting: front wash is encouraged, use of стробоскопов not desired.

Sound Check

The group needs from 30 min up to 1 hour for the sound check in case the technical rider requirements are fully met.

At small venues we try to understand the real facility conditions of the organizers and may agree to minimal sound equipment. We can do a live show as well if specifically agreed.

For smaller-size parties and corporate events the ensemble has own sound equipment set at 3 kWt. Details to be discussed individually .

Hospitality Rider

  • 2 dressing rooms with mirrors and an iron 
  • In the dressing rooms: seven 0,5 l bottles of mineral water, juices, fruit, tea, coffee and sandwiches. Napkins required. 
  • Travel: seven air tickets, economy class or 2 train compartment (8 berths) 
  • Hotel: 3-star hotel, junior suites of suites. 
  • Transportation: one minivan for the whole stay 

Catering : 3 times a day during stay.

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